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Ch. Livernose Rules Otello

Rhodesian Ridgeback stud dog

Livernose Rules Otello
  • Sire: Ch. Kitoko Auksinis Feniksas
  • Dam: Ch. Ave Caesar Driving me Onwards
  • D.o.b: 07-01-2021
  • Breeder: M. v/d Biesen
  • Kennel: Livernose Rules
  • Height: 67,5
  • Weight: 44
  • HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Spine: L7
  • JME, DM, EOAD, EIC, Hemophilia B, RR-IVA:  All clear
  • B-locus: B/b, D-locus: D/d, Ridge: R/R
  • Allergies: None
  • Pedigree: click
  • Any breed specific tests missing in this list, has not (yet) been done. If you are seriously interested in @Hello as a stud dog and the combination looks promising and one we would consider, we  are more then happy to conduct any further testing if needed.

About @Hello

Six weeks after Emoji passed away, @Hello (pronounced Atello, or just Tello for friends 😉 ) came into our lives. He was 16 months young at the time.

We were tipped about the planned rehoming of a Rhodesian Ridgeback male by the owners of his brother, a dog I knew personally and whom I really liked. We were not yet ready for a new dog in our lives, and certainly not an intact, adolescent male. But after sleeping on it (read talking 😉 ) for a night, we decided to go and meet him anyway.

The reason for rehoming was sheer underestimation of the amount of time and energy a growing adolescent ridgeback male takes. With a toddler, newborn twins, covid restrictions, and illness, there was just not enough time left for him.

Although he was loved, and well-educated in and around the house, any further training, contact with other dogs, and outdoor activities fell short. And so, with @Hello’s best interest in mind, his owners opted for rehoming. He was still called Otello then.

We made an appointment  to visit him with Cara, and well, he had us “at hello”. And it wasn’t just us, Cara too was almost immediately in love with him. And that was very, very special, since Cara never liked intact males after she first got into heat. Even brother Sies, whom she loved as a youngster, was no longer playing material after that. But with @Hello she was rolling on the ground within 3 minutes of being released together. They raced across the country in pursuit of each other and drank together from one bowl of water when they returned. We were stunned.

He arrived on 19-05-2022. Livernose Rules Otello.
Otello, he had us “at hello”, if you say that quickly it sounds like Atello…
And that’s how Otello became @Hello. 🙂

At the time of writing, he has been with us for almost two years. He has adapted wonderfully to our way of life and things are going great between him and Cara.

He’s a quick learner and eager to do so, highly motivated for food rewards but a “good boy” for simple stuff is also appreciated. His favourite position is on his back on the couch, all fours up in the air, head on our lap.  He’s a very playful, happy, outgoing, loving, brave but sensitive (in a good way) boy.  A very typical Rhodesian Ridgeback really, not shy with strangers and happy to come say hello if they ask for his attention unless he’s got something better to do. He loves swimming, not so typical 🙂

Like Daico and Emoji, @Hello has proved himself to be a passionate hunter. In addition to body awareness and show training at the dog school, we have picked up mantrailing with him and lure coursing to meet this tracking and hunting passion.

March 2023 we went to our very first show. Not just for him, but for me as well. I entered him in the Spring Karst Winner, a three-day show in Slovenia.

I entered him in the Spring Karst Winner, a three-day show in Opatje Selo, Slovenia.

Day 1, CAC/CACIB show. Open class. 1Exc, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, BOS
Day 2, CAC show. open class. 1Exc, CAC, Best Male, BOS
Day 3, CAC/CACIB show. open class. 1U, CAC, Best Male, Res. CACIB

@Hello may now call himself Slovenian champion, mister Ch. Livernose Rules Otello 🙂
Super proud of him, and us as a couple, because this really was a personal victory for me. But although he did really great, showing isn’t really my cup off tea, so we will probably leave it at this 😉 

@Hello meets all the conditions set by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands (RRCN) to be used as a stud. He is, selectively and sparingly, available for females that seem to be a good match in terms of health, character, exterior and pedigree.

@Hello is born in a litter of 11, 6 males, 5 females. No Dermoid Sinuses, no kinked tails and all boys with descended scrotum.

If you are seriously interested in @Hello as a stud or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.